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The simple pleasure of reading a book with characters who look like you or live like you has been shown to improve self-esteem and increase self-acceptance in children. 

Our team speaks with countless parents, caregivers, and teachers about their struggles finding representative kids books. From those looking for a way to help the children in their lives feel more courageous and take pride in who they are to those quietly navigating grief. From Black parents to Latinx parents to Asian parents to multiracial parents. From queer parents to adoptive parents to single parents.

The more families we speak to, the more it becomes clear: Families need a place to go where they know there will be books that speak to their kids.

And now, we’re a one-of-a-kind bookshop specializing in kid-affirming book bundles for families like yours!

We're a bookshop on a mission

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ColorPop Books is powered by DonorsChoose, a trusted education equity nonprofit, receiving the highest rating from CharityNavigator. Since its founding in 2000, DonorsChoose has delivered over 10 million books and supported classrooms in 87% of America’s public schools.

The current state of representation in children’s books in 2022

Source: Cooperative Children’s Book Center

Across all kids books


feature at least one BIMPOC character


come from BIMPOC creators


feature a BIMPOC  protagonist


come from BIMPOC creators

Our curation process


Our curation starts with listening to parents voices. We listen to learn about the unique and universal topics families are exploring and grappling with – from identity to courage to grief to self-confidence. Our bundle themes are developed based on this direct input.


We look to teachers for inspiration. Why? Because public school teachers have their fingers on the pulse of what’s new and inspiring to students. We leverage data from our parent company, DonorsChoose, to see what books teachers across the country are adding to their classroom libraries and loving.


We test! We have a dedicated panel of parents who test out our bundles with their children. The result? Book bundles that are parent-tested and kid-approved!

We specifically source books that center on underrepresented voices.

We try our best to source books that are written and illustrated by creators whose lived experience directly reflects their book content.

In 2021, only 36% of children’s books published in the US were written by people of color (Black/African American, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Pacific Islander). Despite the lack of representation, we’ve set a goal that at least 50% of books in our bookshop will be written/illustrated by creators from underrepresented communities by 2025.

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Whether you want to help a child learn to be brave, navigate grief, deal with anxiety, love their natural hair, see other girls who love science, or something else entirely — there’s a perfect bundle for the kid you care about.

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