“Having students see themselves in books is so important because it encourages them to dream big! It helps them to visualize themselves being whatever they want to be.  Without these positive images, students may feel that their dreams and goals are out of reach, or not for people that look like them.” –4th grade teacher, New Jersey

This is the launch of a bookshop that both helps classrooms and parents. 

It takes a village.

Over the years, so many of the teacher requests on the DonorsChoose site have illustrated: Children need representative and diverse books to help build confidence and empathy. We created ColorPop Books to help parents and caregivers bring these books to their kids at home too.

“When it comes to ensuring that children see themselves and their experiences reflected in the books they read, it's essential for building self-esteem, self-awareness, and a sense of belonging. Seeing oneself represented in literature can help children to feel seen, heard, and valued, which is especially important for children from underrepresented groups.” – Elementary teacher, IL

The tough truth.

Parenting is hard. But finding books to support and inspire the child in your life shouldn’t be. Our vibrant, representative book bundles are packed with stories and characters that reflect identities and experiences that are all too rare in children’s books. Each addition to the ColorPop library comes from the recommendations of thousands of teachers and parents, including our own dedicated team of parent advisors.

My own personal children have two moms and every time there is a character on a show or in a book with two moms or two dads, I see my first grader and my preschooler light up. I see how important it is to read about families like ours firsthand.” -2nd-grade teacher, NJ

Why ColorPop. Why now.

We live in a world that seems more complicated by the day. It’s hard to know how to navigate it, let alone help a little one navigate it too. Our bundles ensure that every kid is a main character and no parent is ever alone, no matter who they are or what they’re going through. We believe that what’s good for kids and parents is good for the world.

“My students get excited if they see children that look like them in books. They’ll say "hey they look like me!" or "hey look it's our friend!" They feel represented able to make connections with a character that looks like them, dresses like them, plays like them and even eats the same foods as them. EVERYONE wants to feel accepted and loved and children should experience this on a daily basis.” – 3rd grade teacher, PA

Funding classrooms along the way

For every book bundle purchased on ColorPop Books, $5 goes to our Book Donation Fund, which brings books to historically underfunded schools.

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